Advanced Quant, Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence based Fund Management

3Comma Capital Partners is an Advanced Quants, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence modelling based Fund Management company, which specialises in proprietary trade systems development.

The Mission of the company is to create machine learning based systems that helps to manage very large funds with least human interaction with a predefined set of rules based on the requirements.

The Vision is to remove human bias element out of the decision-making process.

We believe that with the advent of new digital age, to maintain competitive advantage in the field of portfolio management, Automated / Algorithmic Trading Systems are the future. Our team is working on development of proprietary algorithms / models for our managed fund as well as to a few select clients.

With the vast experience of our in house Research team, our goal of the fund is to generate a higher ALPHA and also testing / upgrading our systems in real time!!!

3Comma is a place of high expectations, deep curiosity, and constant collaboration, with some of the smartest, most passionate people you’ll meet.

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What We Do?

By having deepest possible understanding of the financial markets and translating that understanding into great automated trading strategies, we have built a distinct track record of success. We trade across many asset classes and instruments, using a variety of models, across the globe.

Active Portfolio Management

Active Fund Management

Proprietary Trade Systems Development

Proprietary Systems Development



AI / ML Model Implementation


Trade Automation


Delta/Vega/Theta Hedging

Portfolio Balancing

Automated Assets Rebalancing

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Performance Monitoring

Proprietary Systems Development comprises

Algorithmic Trading Systems

Advanced Quant based Algorithmic Systems

Automated Trading Systems

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Systems

High Frequency Trading Systems

Deploy High/Mid Frequency Trading Systems

Who we are?

3Comma Capital Partners combines the best of both worlds: the opportunity / spirit of a startup and the stability of an established, experienced firm.


The Team comprises of very talented individuals (Engineers, MBAs, CFA, CFTe, Data Scientists, Algorithm Programmers etc) with a combined experience of more than 20 years in the financial markets.


Our team works hard to solve interesting problems, and their results are rewarded. We value continuous learning—from our outcomes, from the environment and from each other.

Contact Us

Regus Centre, Embassy Tech Square, 1st floor
Tower Delta, Block B, Kadubeesanahalli Village, Varthur Hobli,
Bangalore – 560103, Karnataka

    NOTE:- 3COMMA CAPITAL does NOT offer any Advisory Services / Calls / Tips to anybody.

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